My Holy Rock Missionary Baptist Church was started after a group of Christians were hungry for the Word of God, after leaving their previous church. So they requested our founder and late pastor to come to preach an Easter Sunday service at the AFC located at 78th and Ashland Avenue. Rev. Moore agreed to come. The need to hear the Word and the response of the people was so overwhelming, that the room that was rented could not hold all the people that showed up so a larger room was given to us on that day. Following the direction of the Lord Rev. Moore continued to teach the much needed Word of God and the church was given a name, My Holy rock Missionary Baptist Church. Several services were held at the AFC until we moved to 79th and Ashland to another rented church. With the accommodations there not being adequate we moved again to 81st and South Chicago where we remained for a time. we continued to look for our own building to purchase until a man of God working at the bank gave Rev. Moore a revelation concerning our current church home. He was told that we would find a church that we would just move into and not have to do anything in it, if we choose to do so. Rev. Moore continued to teach many tireless hours at tarry services, altar call services, Sunday services, and healing the sick as the Lord gave utterance. Many souls have benefited from the diligent and dedicated service rendered by our founder. Members and non members alike were blessed. He was concerned about the souls of the people. Thus you have My Holy Rock Missionary Baptist Church celebrating years of the blessings of God. After faithfully serving his congregation for 15 years with the Love of God through the Word of God our founder and beloved pastor was called home to be with the Lord in March of 2014 to rest from his labor. Many members left the church because we were without a pastor or leader. But a faithful few held on the the legacy and prophecy that the doors of this church would not close. We were without a pastor for 3 years, but the teachings of our late pastor and the help of the Lord saw fit to send us another pastor. Other ministers came by and inquired and applied for the position by they were not chosen by God. After much prayer and waiting the Lord sent us a man of God in the person of Rev. Christopher Williams that was rooted in the same foundation and teachings from the Word of God as My Holy Rock and our late founder. A man filled with the power of the Holy Ghost and having a heart for souls of God’s people. You could look up regularly on a Sunday and see him sitting in the back of the church. He was welcomed to the pulpit and recognized as a Man of God. He began to bring us the Word of God as well as serving Holy Communion and praying for the needs of the congregation. After attending regularly for about six months he was offered the position of pastor and he accepted it. Which brings us to right here, right now with Reverend Christopher Williams as our current and beloved pastor.